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1. Contract domestic and oversea large complete plant equipment and the survey, design, civil engineering, installation, commissioning,
personnel-training of relative engineering projects and turnkey projects.
2. Operate and act as an agent for importation and exportation of diverse mechanical, electrical and instrumental products;
operate and act as an agent for importation, exportation and domestic trade of all categories of commodities but the commodities under.
3. Joint designing, joint bidding, joint contracting domestic and overseas large scale complete sets of equipment and engineering
4. Import a vast variety of production lines, machinery and equipment by utilizing loans, export credit, commercial credit of the World
Bank, the Asian Development Bank and foreign governments.
5. Domestic and overseas co-production projects.
6. Joint venture and cooperative businesses.
7. Compensation trade, barter trade and counter account trade.
8. Processing with supplied drawings, samples and materials,assembling with supplied parts and components and OEM.
9. Technical exports: transfer of designing and manufacturing technology for various kinds of mechanical and electrical
products; technical export of technologies of invention, patent and know-how, licensing trade technical consultation and services.
10. Consultation and services in technical acquisition and introduction.
11. Shipping by sea, land and air, transportation of extra large or long special equipment.
12. Holding exhibition and fairs both at home and abroad.
13. Export of labor services. 


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