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CMIC held a kick-off meeting for the revision of company rules and regulations


On May 20, 2020, CMIC held a kick-off meeting for the revision of rules and regulations. The meeting was presided over by Li Guangyin, deputy general manager of the Comprehensive Personnel Department.

At the meeting, Li Guangyin first introduced the background, purpose and significance of the company's system revision work. He mentioned that the company initiated the revision of the rules and regulations to adapt to the company’s changes and rapid development requirements, to continuously improve the company’s basic management level, to promote the scientific, standardized and efficient operation of the company’s various business management tasks, and to accelerate the progress of Fusion.

Subsequently, Li Guangyin led everyone to study the "Company System Management Measures"; Zhang Jie introduced the specific arrangements for system revision.

Xu Jiantang, general manager of the operation management department, emphasized at the meeting that this revision system should be combined with the company's three-standard management system revision work this year, and the revision of the system involved in the system revision work should be completed first. At the same time, it is necessary to do a good job in the legal review of the system.

At the meeting, the participants expressed their opinions that they would earnestly implement relevant work requirements, and promote the completion of the system revision work on time with quality and quantity.


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