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CMIC participated in the 4th Employee Sports Meeting of SINOMACH


 On September 12, 2012, the Fourth Employee Sports Meeting of SINOMACH was held in Shijingshan Stadium. In this golden autumn season, which is full of vigor and fruitful results, at this beautiful moment full of unity, forge ahead, and friendship, all SINOMACH people ushered in the long-awaited sports event. This Games has unprecedented prosperity and climax. In the athlete's entry ceremony, all the players were full of energy and steady pace. After the opening ceremony, the first event of the track and field competition was the 4*100 relay of the company leadership group. The general manager of CMIC Kuang Weiguang attacked in the first battle. As the first player, he was already ready to go. He only heard the trumpet. With keen reaction ability, he jumped up, his posture was vigorous, with super three people, the first to cross the baton, amidst the thunderous cheers of the audience, he won the first gold medal in the Games with a good result. At the same time, it set an example for the young people of the company. In the following competitions, it is even more exciting. The athletes on the track and field are racing and jumping thousands of miles; in the fun competitions, they are happy, talking and laughing; the bottom of the arena is even more intimate, supporting each other. It can be said that the entire sports meeting is not only the collision of health and beauty, the integration of rigidity and flexibility, but also the embodiment of team spirit. They worked hard and worked hard for a common goal. Zhang Jie and Feng Changxue of our company participated in the 200-meter and 1500-meter races in the youth group with decent skills; Wang Meng insisted on completing the 800-meter race with an ankle injury. She proved her unyielding will with her tenacious will , Which explains the CMIC corporate culture. Xiongguan's long road is really like iron, and now it's stepping forward from the beginning. CMIC athletes carried forward the style of self-improvement and hard work in the sports meeting. They showed the spirit of defying strong enemies and fighting hard, showing the spirit of IC people. Just like our company, he is full of vitality and vigor. Swagger back on the road of youth.


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