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CMIC May Fourth Youth Day Love Donation Activity

From April 11th to May 3rd, 2013, CMIC young people initiated a love activity called "Alleviating the Orphans and the Poor, Promoting Harmony" to donate clothes to the impoverished mountainous areas of Nujiang River in Yunnan.
The event appealed to everyone in the form of publishing a proposal: Under the same blue sky, the same warm sunshine, the same breath of fresh air, and the same comfort that the green trees and red flowers bring us, naturally gave us the same feelings. But life brings us different situations. In the depths of the mountain, there are still some groups who have difficulties in food, clothing, shelter and transportation. They are eager to improve their lives, to solve their difficulties, and to bid farewell to poverty. An old cotton-padded coat, an old book, and a pair of humble sports shoes may be insignificant to us, but in their eyes, it may be a luxury. Faced with requests for help from poor areas, please turn your love and compassion one by one into actual warmth, and help people in need of assistance by donating old clothes that are not in stock. People do their best, and things do their best. This spring is warm because of your love; this May Fourth Youth Day is more meaningful because of your dedication.
  In the face of this warm initiative, in just over half a month, we received more than 200 pieces of various clothes. All donated clothes were sent to the "Home of Love" in Nujiang, Yunnan on May 8. The love of all employees touched us, and we believe that when people in poverty-stricken areas receive these clothes, they will also feel the sincerity of IC people.
   This donation activity extends the meaning of love and responsibility in a broader direction. It is a concrete manifestation of building a harmonious society and practicing the spirit of Lei Feng, and it is an interpretation of the "responsible national machine" with practical actions.
"Gift a rose, the hand has a lingering fragrance", this event embodies a new generation of IC people's good style of helping others and selfless dedication. I believe this group of young people with a sense of responsibility and mission will definitely add to the bright future of CMIC Light and color.

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