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CMIC-a choice without regrets new employee induction training experience

I have been working for almost 20 years. I have worked in many industries and different types of units, but this is the first time I set foot in the foreign trade export industry. In the 4 months since I joined the company, through the precepts and deeds of the company’s leaders and colleagues, plus the search for relevant information, I have some understanding of the company’s main business, but it is not systematic and thorough enough. It is suitable for me to organize new employee induction training. It can be said to be timely rain, especially the compact and efficient course arrangement, the rich and abundant course content and the unreserved teaching of the teachers, which benefited me a lot and was encouraged.
The training started from the company’s development history and corporate culture. It seemed to lead us through the thirty-two years of ups and downs and witnessed the company’s changes in business scope and management system. These changes demonstrated the brilliant history of CMIC. CMIC people behind this hero. The brilliance created by CMIC and the corporate charm displayed by the rich historical accumulation impressed me. The arduous development process of the company and the spirit of hard work of the predecessors inspired me to forge ahead. Just as the company leaders said to us, "Young people must be ambitious and have the courage to take responsibility." I think this is exactly what we should do, and it is our bounden duty. The company adheres to the cultural concept of "rigorous and pragmatic, hardworking and dedicated, learning and innovation, and working together for a win-win", which also makes me deeply feel that this is a pragmatic and motivated enterprise, and it is full of modern atmosphere. Here, we can feel the attention of the leaders And care, the help and support of colleagues, we can learn a lot here, we are colleagues, teachers, and more like friends. Fortunately to enter such a company with learning spirit and creativity, no matter how difficult the road ahead, I think our team will conquer one by one.
  The person in charge of each department described the business and functions of their department one by one, which can be described as a highlight. Since I joined the company, I am eager to understand the company's project management and overseas project operations, and learn related knowledge. Although I have learned some foreign trade business contract signing, insurance terms, price terms, transportation and other related knowledge, I always feel that I can't understand it. Now that the teachers have explained in detail the bidding, export tax rebates, export credits, professional skills of various engineering projects, and the requirements for English proficiency under the export business, the knowledge in the books has been verified and refined in practice. I have a lot of clarity, and at the same time I have a wide range of knowledge needed for foreign trade business, and I also feel that I need to strengthen and learn too much. Although I usually study, but now I especially feel that learning is so important and cannot be ignored, so urgent and urgent. Only with strong business capabilities can we provide good services to business departments. Therefore, we should take "seize all learning opportunities, learn all aspects of knowledge, and comprehensively cultivate our ability to deal with the company's business" as the first priority, and grow up quickly, take an important role in the company's growing business, and contribute to the company's growth. Make suggestions.
   Although the three-day training is over, our work has just begun. How to carry out work better is the core issue of my current thinking. First, it is necessary to realize the role change as soon as possible, identify the personal position, and integrate into the new environment. Second, familiarize yourself with your job as soon as possible, study modestly and humbly. It is necessary to have all the courage and determination to start from scratch, remain humble and cautious at all times, start with small things, exercise abilities, accumulate experience, and achieve growth.
Joining CMIC is my luck and being a CMIC person is my pride. I deeply feel the historical mission and heavy responsibility shouldered by CMIC people. I believe that there is a broad career stage for us to display our talents and create a splendid life. Unite and work hard with all my colleagues to continue writing the beautiful chapter of CMIC.

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