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Fusion March

"Because we are a family, a family that loves each other, we should share the blessings, and we must share the same when there are difficulties. We will exchange our knowledge for long and forever..." From the heart of every employee of SINOMACH Asset Management The first melody still lingers in my ears for a long time. Looking back for more than a year, under the cultural inspiration of "rigorous and pragmatic, hardworking, dedication, learning and innovation, and win-win together", CMIC people and the new friends and old friends of this big family have gone through the fusion from knowing each other to helping each other. The road, every day and every step, seems to be turned into a note, showing a graceful movement shining with CMIC characteristics.
   We don't have a bright and relaxed opening overture. At the beginning of the reorganization, people often describe it like this: CMIC is like a small boat leaving the carrier fleet, about to sail on an unknown voyage. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the listing plan of brother units within the group, some old employees take the overall situation into consideration and stay at CMIC to perform asset clean-up and business tasks, but they are still more or less concerned about the protection of personal future interests; new employees who have recently joined the company When it comes to the bottleneck of the company's business development and the lack of resources, it is even more at a loss for the development of self-career. Subsidiaries are facing increasing environmental pressures, suffering from the lack of strong support from the parent company, fighting each other and struggling to support.
   With the support of the leaders of SINOMACH Asset Management Corporation, the CMIC leadership team carefully formulated effective response measures to the difficulties faced by the company. After clarifying the company's positioning and development strategy, they took the establishment and dissemination of a good corporate culture as a breakthrough, educated employees to take the company's business strategy as the core, and cultivated common values. In the face of difficulties, we should not have the mentality of "waiting and relying", but should explore the company's development path with a pragmatic attitude, and strengthen the company's own strength with a hardworking spirit. The prosperity of the collective is the greatest guarantee of personal interests, the best embodiment of personal values, and the best development of personal careers. Driven by their practice, all employees of the company saw the direction of development and strengthened their belief in development. The old employees actively advise and offer advice and give full play to their experience advantages; the new employees bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities and take the initiative to work overtime. The company's people are united, united and cooperated, and jointly composed the first exciting movement.
In order to ensure the successful realization of business objectives, the company has done a lot of in-depth and meticulous work in building business platforms, cultivating talents, and innovating business models, intertwined into a multi-level and multi-form concerto, and continuously enriching the content of company management .
   Concerto 1: Perfect the mechanism and build a platform. Scientific management is the guarantee for improving operating efficiency. In order to adapt to the fiercely competitive market environment, and in response to the fact that foreign economic and trade business has been stagnant for many years, the company focused on the revision of the management system based on improving efficiency, avoiding risks, and increasing incentives. Based on the actual situation of the company and drawing on the successful experience of others, the company leaders mobilized the strength of various departments, carefully revised dozens of management systems and promulgated them in batches, so that the responsibilities of each department were more clear, and the process of various business management affairs became clearer. The company's anti-risk mechanism was further improved. At the same time, the company optimized its organizational structure and added business departments to provide a flexible and independent platform and a broad space for business backbones to display their professional expertise, which effectively stimulated the enthusiasm and creativity of business personnel.
   Concerto 2: People-oriented, accumulate strength. "Kyushu is angry and relies on wind and thunder", business talents are the source of the company's vitality. On the one hand, the company improves the attractiveness of talents through the improvement of its business platform and introduces business backbones to enrich the team. Over the past year, we have successively hired a number of business backbones with different majors and different specialties, which basically formed the backbone of the company's business expansion, and achieved immediate results. Not only successfully completed the annual operating tasks, but also made breakthrough progress in the fields of bidding and international engineering contracting project services. On the other hand, the company also pays special attention to the training of young business talents. Encourage young people to care about the company's development by participating in executive meetings, helping young people learn and mastering knowledge of international economics and trade through business training seminars, and educate young people to establish a correct outlook on life and values ​​through organizing seminars. Under the active advocacy and influence, the young people in the company actively participate in learning and work. Some of them set up a study plan to pursue further studies while working; some delve into business knowledge to be a good assistant to department leaders. Over the past year, they have not only completed their jobs well, but also displayed a vigorous spirit in various company activities. They have become a vital force to enhance the company's vitality and create the company's future.
   Concerto 3: Multi-party cooperation, joint efforts for a win-win situation. Innovating models, developing business, integrating resources, and uniting and cooperating are effective ways to expand the company's overall competitiveness. In order to promote common development, the company specially organized leadership seminars and conducted field investigations to understand the difficulties and needs of the subsidiaries, and help the subsidiaries explore ways to improve efficiency. Over the past year, some have expanded the scale of import and export business through the loan line guarantee provided by the head office; some have broken through the traditional business model, brought into play their geographical advantages, and jointly developed regional projects with the head office; and others have used their business expertise to cooperate with the head office Jointly formed a business team, and creatively put forward the concept of "international engineering contracting project services", and opened up new performance growth points through project cooperation with other units of the group.
   "One branch" is not enough, "spring in the garden" is the goal of integration. Under the unified deployment of the SINOMACH Asset Management Company, we have also launched a concerted effort to share resources and information with various brother units, and have made unremitting efforts in the expansion of import and export business projects and the establishment of the SINOMACH Property Management Company. The main theme of corporate culture integration.
   In the past year, we have emerged in various aspects such as culture construction (Culture), mechanism improvement (Mechanism), talent training (Intelligence), collaborative innovation (Cooperation), etc., forming a distinctive CMIC characteristic. However, we also realize that some achievements are still far from the "Three Five Seven" strategic goal proposed by SINOMACH Asset Management Corporation. "Continue to grow hard, it’s still far from the sky. Continue to sprout quickly, it’s still a long time from covering the sky..." This is the common voice of all CMIC people and the common expectation for the long-term development in the future. We will write a more beautiful chapter for tomorrow with the spirit of "rigorous and pragmatic, hardworking and dedicated, learning and innovation, and working together for a win-win situation".

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