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CMIC moves to a new house, we work hard, we are happy


  Lixia, May 5, 2012. This is a memorable day, because on this day-CMIC officially moved into the 15th floor of the Machinery Building.

   The biggest feeling of this move is that time is tight and tasks are heavy. As an office employee and a member of the moving team, our preparations started more than a month ago, looking for a moving company, making a moving plan, packing materials, organizing files... It can be said to be complicated, although work It's complicated, but everything is in order. In the whole moving process, formulating an effective plan can make the whole complicated work more orderly and faster. In order to make the moving plan very operability and practical, the colleagues and leaders of the office have conducted many investigations and discussed the specific details of the move with various departments, and formulated a meticulous and thorough work plan, striving to be able to do so in the shortest possible time Complete this complex work.
   In order not to delay working hours, the moving work was done on weekends, starting at noon and continuing until more than 2 o'clock in the middle of the night. During the whole moving process, the young people of IC became the main force. In order to save costs, young people have become the main members of the moving team, and try their best to complete some moving tasks within their capacity, and only leave some large and heavy furniture to the moving company. During the entire moving process, young people used their brains and invented the "chair transportation method" and "computer pallet transportation method", etc., and used all methods to move goods. Comrades help each other, encourage each other, and joking with each other in their work. In the laughter, we forgot the exhaustion and hard work. Tired, sit on the box to rest for a while; thirsty, come empty mineral water; hungry, eat a hamburger. Although the sweat of work hung on the forehead, everyone's mouth showed a happy smile.
   It was late at night, and finally completed the overall relocation of the office area. At this time, the machinery building was quiet, with only the fifteenth floor still brightly lit. Although physically exhausted, facing the new office area, my heart is full of infinite joy and longing. Because when the sun rises again, CMIC will create a better future in this brand new office environment!


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