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  Since the establishment of SINOMACH Asset Management Corporation, the headquarters and various subsidiaries of the company have organized a series of integration promotion activities, and achieved obvious results. The relationship between the company's headquarters and each subsidiary and between each subsidiary has been continuously deepened through integration, and the feelings are constantly brewing and sublimating.

  What is fusion? First there is fusion and then there is fusion. Only when everyone can be "harmonious" together will they be "united" together. In 2011, CMIC responded to the call of the corporate headquarters for the Year of Integration and organized a series of integration promotion activities, which were well received. In March of this year, on the occasion of the Arbor Day, SINOMACH Asset Management Co., Ltd. commissioned Real Estate Corporation to organize a voluntary tree planting promotion activity.
   Yangchun March, flowers bloom and birds sing. All employees of the asset management company drove to Miyun County to carry out tree planting activities. There was still a bit of coolness in the early morning in Beijing in March, but the roaring cold wind and wind blowing yellow sand could not stop the laughter of comrades. Ten years of cultivating people and a hundred years of cultivating trees, and being able to personally participate in the green construction of the motherland has made the mood of comrades unprecedentedly high. Everyone, you shovel the soil, I dig the pits, and he waters them. What they do is vivid and devoted. The class feelings of comrades are constantly deepening and sublimating with the increase of new seedlings. We are united as one, regardless of each other. All that is left in the early morning on the outskirts of Beijing are happy laughter, joyful sweat, saplings that are thriving, and the blossoming flower of friendship.
  Everyone felt that this event was well organized, that is, it contributed to the greening of the motherland and made everyone familiar with it through collaboration. In the future, we will organize more events like this. Integration and integration, first integration and then integration, if we are familiar with each other and harmoniously together, then our "combination" will enable all employees of SINOMACH Asset Management Corporation to truly become a "family"?


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