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A few days ago, the union colleagues counted the working years and suddenly realized that they had been working at IC for 6 years. Although I left for a short time due to changes in the general environment, when others ask, I prefer to assume that I have never left this big family. However, even if it was a short leave, the more than half a year after I came back really made me feel more positive and harmonious about IC culture and IC people.
  In early 2011, in accordance with the strategic deployment of SINOMACH, according to the overall work arrangement of SINOMACH Asset Management. After 30 years of wind and rain, IC resumed its foreign trade business. With a firm idea that IC will be better tomorrow, I joined the group half a year later. The new role, the new industry, and most of my colleagues who are unfamiliar, did not make me anxious. At the first meeting, the leaders made it clear to our young colleagues: The platform has been set up for you, and other leaders and colleagues of the company will provide you with strong support. Do your best! Other older colleagues also speak with great heart: Leaders treat you These young people have high hopes, everyone must work hard. These opening remarks really made me feel calm and moved.
   Due to certain differences in the industry, I do not have the luxury of expecting results in the short term. Re-take the mentality that was when I first started working after graduating from university and ask for advice humbly. Although I was mentally prepared, the behavior of the seniors still surprised me. In the office under my leadership, it is often the two of us with a pen and a piece of paper that I have never touched the bidding project, export business, a pen, a single, and even write out like a teacher. Formulas and lists; in my daily work, I always arrange my work in an exploratory tone and explain the problems I encountered in my work; because the company’s business has resumed, not only business projects will follow, but many things also need to be resolved. The intensity of work, pressure and physical discomfort made the leader look very thin. I was shocked when I happened to see a photo taken by the leader just over half a year ago and even a little blessed. Not only that, but the comrades in the management department also hold multiple positions, and their frequent overtime work provides us with various powerful guarantees so that our business can be carried out smoothly. IC has such a group of leading cadres and conscientious comrades, so many achievements in 2011 are natural.
   Mr. Kuang clearly positioned the company as a tough year for 2012, and he took the lead and was unanimously identified as the company’s "big salesman" by all of us. In addition to the daily important administrative tasks of the two companies, they also deal with various business problems in various departments at any time, put forward valuable opinions and solve them when project bottlenecks occur; and also go out to dredge relations and run projects in person. On a business trip in Shenzhen to discuss cooperation with a company, it happened to lead an inspection in Guangzhou, and they went to the other company together. On the first day, because the plane was late, it was already 11 o'clock in the evening when we got off the plane and arrived at the hotel, but the leaders still ignored the fatigue and pointed out the topics and precautions to be involved in the talks on the second day. It didn't end until one o'clock in the morning. Despite this, the leader not only participated in all the matters arranged by the other company from beginning to end on the second day, but also called us to the room in the evening to exchange the gains of the day with us until nearly two in the morning; the third day was eight in the morning. At half past half, he appeared at the other company's press conference again on time, until the end of 12:30; after having lunch in a hurry, and because of an important foreign business visit the next day, he temporarily changed the itinerary and set off on the way back to Beijing. Except for the very inadequate rest time in the evening, there was basically no gap between these two and a half days. I felt a little tired, and the leadership was the age of my parents. These two days are still weekends... I was touched again when the leader insisted on walking into the security passage with his luggage and embarking on the trip again in order to reduce my burden.
Leaders also often educate our young colleagues to show themselves through IC, a stage set up by them, and let us take every thing and every job seriously; encourage us to learn more, practice more, and participate in various trainings as soon as possible. Improve ourselves; and plan a grand blueprint for us, which inspires us to be lofty and ambitious. All of this silently nourishes the hearts of every young colleague, giving everyone a high sense of belonging and trust in IC, leaders, and our work.
After returning to IC, on every important occasion, from the leaders of the group and the asset company to the brothers, when I mentioned IC, I always praised IC’s achievements in the past year and kept saying: “IC’s tomorrow will be better". Yes, I think it’s not just me, every young IC employee, after experiencing repeated touches, firmly believes that IC’s tomorrow will be better!
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