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The CMIC Party Committee studies the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on emergency management and safety production


On July 13, CMIC Party Committee Secretary and Chairman Kuang Weiguang presided over the third collective learning expansion meeting of the CMIC Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group in 2020 to study the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on emergency management and safe production. Members of the CMIC Party Committee Theory Learning Center Group attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the participants watched the warning education video "Safety Is More Important Than Mount Tai", and learned together General Secretary Xi Jinping's important expositions on emergency management and safe production.

Kuang Weiguang pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important instructions on production safety work are high-minded, rich in content, and profound in thinking. They point out the direction and put forward requirements for safety production. They are a scientific summary of safety production experience and promote safety. Basically follow the production work. Kuang Weiguang emphasized that we must focus on the following aspects. One is to improve political standing, fully understand the extreme importance of safety in production, and always put the lives of employees first, and firmly establish that development cannot sacrifice human lives. For the cost of the red line awareness, adhere to safe development; second, adhere to the same responsibility of the party and government, double responsibility for one post, and accountability for negligence. Leading cadres must resolutely shoulder the political responsibility of safe production, perform their duties and promote the safety of all employees of the company. The implementation of the system, leading employees to do a good job in various production safety management work; third, to completely eliminate hidden dangers and prevent safety accidents, we must earnestly carry out a three-year special rectification action for production safety, and further strengthen the safety management of the Cambodia project site and the company’s office building. , Comprehensive investigation, eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, and build a strong line of defense; the fourth is to coordinate the prevention and control of overseas epidemics and safety management to fully protect the lives and health of employees.

The company’s party committee member, secretary of the discipline inspection committee, and deputy general manager Kang Hewei made a keynote speech. He said that General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important instructions on emergency management and production safety work fully embodies the great feelings of the General Secretary and the Party Central Committee of thinking about the people, caring for the people, caring for the people, and serving the people. It is our responsibility to prevent and control the epidemic. And safety production work, the action guide to promote and promote the development of safety. He pointed out that it is necessary to continuously improve the political position, firmly establish the concept of safe development, and adhere to the red line of life and the bottom line of safety; it is necessary to fully understand the arduousness, complexity, and long-term nature of safe production, so that the alarm bell will ring in ideology, and set an example in work. Strictly perform their duties; we must coordinate the company's epidemic prevention and control and safety production work, implement, implement, and implement various measures to ensure the company's safe production and escort the company to achieve high-quality sustainable development.

The members of the center group conducted a study and discussion around the learning content.

CMIC Commissioner for Discipline Inspection, Secretary of the Youth League Committee and responsible comrades of the Party and Mass Work Department attended the meeting.


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