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CMIC and China Heavy Machinery Co-construction Party Branch Launch Meeting


According to the deployment of the "Party Building Consolidation and Deepening Year" special action by the higher-level party committee and CMIC party committee, on June 10, the second party branch of CMIC and the party branch of the China Heavy Machinery Power Engineering Division and the Information Management Department held a party building joint construction activity kick-off meeting. Party branch secretaries and some party members from both sides attended the meeting.

The companies where the party branches of both parties are located are subsidiaries of SINOMACH. Party building and joint construction will effectively consolidate the cohesion and organizational strength of the grassroots party organizations, and accelerate the party building and business integration between SINOMACH’s brother units.

The two branch secretaries said at the meeting that it is a good opportunity for the two party branches to carry out joint construction activities. It is necessary to fully implement the work requirements of the superior party organization through regular organization of theme day activities and on-site party member experience exchange meetings. Form, promote harmony, promote improvement, common development, build a solid ideological foundation for common struggle, carry forward the role of grassroots party branches as a battle fortress and the exemplary vanguard role of party members, and provide a strong guarantee for the completion of annual work tasks.

Participating branch members of both parties expressed that they hope to take this party building and joint building activity as an opportunity to actively explore new ideas and new models for branch party building work, and to inherit the fine political life traditions.

At the meeting, the party branch secretaries of both parties signed the "Co-construction Agreement."


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