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CMIC conducts relay protection training for Cambodian National Power Company


In order to respond to the advocacy of the "One Belt One Road" initiative, promote relevant technical standards, and enhance the influence of the country and enterprises, the company conducted relay protection training for the owner, the Cambodian State Power Company, at the National Control Center of Cambodia Power Grid on June 15-25. , More than 20 key technicians from the National Power Company of Cambodia participated in the training.

Cambodia’s power industry is developing rapidly, and it is also a key market for the company’s business development. However, there are considerable gaps in Cambodia’s related technical level and standard formulation in the power sector. For many years, it has been copying the technical standards of Western countries. Development has caused innate obstacles. This training aims to respond to the Group’s strategic development plan, so that relevant technical personnel in Cambodia can have a more specific understanding and more intuitive experience of the advantages of Chinese technology, and promote Chinese technical specifications to go global. It can also better promote the company's development in the Cambodian market.

This training invites experts in the field of relay protection to give lectures. The content not only includes the basic theories of relay protection, but also involves some new achievements and new technologies in the domestic theoretical research on relay protection. Combining with the case analysis of difficult problems in Cambodian field electrical majors, cooperating with the practical operation of equipment, and comparing the learning of advanced technology, scientific and technological product principles and applications at home and abroad, to further expand the knowledge reserve of Cambodian students.

During the course, the trainees actively interacted with the teacher, and carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on new technical issues found in the on-site operation. The discussion atmosphere in the classroom was active. The trainees also agreed that the training has benefited a lot from the Chinese standard. Understanding and efficient operation and maintenance of relay protection systems are of great significance.


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