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CMIC holds a seminar on strategic environmental analysis


On May 25th, CMIC held a seminar on corporate strategic environment analysis. The meeting was presided over by the company’s party committee secretary and chairman Kuang Weiguang. Company leaders Zhang Qingdong, Kang Hewei, Zhang Yu, and Li Fang attended the meeting. Leaders in charge of various functional departments and engineering departments and business backbones attended the meeting.

Kuang Weiguang first reviewed the development of CMIC international engineering projects in recent years. Mr. Kuang mentioned that through the analysis of the international engineering industry, housing construction and transportation accounted for nearly 80% of the total international projects. CMIC’s recent development of more mature projects mainly focus on housing construction, transportation and other fields, which is in line with the international engineering industry. The development trend is highly consistent. He fully affirmed the development direction of the company's international engineering projects, and asked the engineering departments to continue to develop ideas, track and work hard to promote related projects in hand.

President Kuang emphasized that according to the overall strategic deployment of superiors, CMIC must do a good job of deep integration with China Heavy Machinery, actively undertake and cooperate with power engineering projects, and in-depth development of related projects and related service supporting areas in mature markets in Southeast Asia. It is necessary to intensify the development of infrastructure construction fields such as housing construction and transportation, and raise the level of diversification in the engineering field. At the same time, in response to the decline in international market demand caused by the epidemic and fluctuations caused by other uncertain political factors, we must actively expand the domestic market and find new growth points.

General Manager Kuang requested that through this seminar, each engineering department should actively think about it and put forward feasible business development ideas and plans based on the actual situation of project development in their department, laying a foundation for business development and project execution.

Li Guangyin, deputy director of the General Personnel Department, made an analysis and report on the macro environment, industry development environment and competitive situation that the company faces, and the operating conditions of various brother companies. Xu Jiantang, Director of the Operation Management Department, shared his experience in project contracting business development and project management.

The main leaders and business backbones of each engineering department respectively reported on the progress of the project in hand and the difficulties encountered, and conducted lively discussions on important strategic directions such as market development, focus on main business and diversification.


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