Supervision Service First Stage Completed

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        From December 3rd, 2012 to January 23rd 2013, the first stage of equipment and material manufacturing supervision & technical service work undertaken by CMIC Business Dep. No.4 has been implemented and completed successfully. 
        The work lasted more than 50 days and seven manufacturers were involved. All supervisors conducted the work in the factory with the spirit of being not afraid of hardship, the serious and responsible attitude and the high professional level, for which the normal production schedule and reliable quality were assured. And our team finally won the factory's respect and got the client’s recognition.
        During the period of implementing the supervision work, the supervision & technical service team summarized a whole set of working procedures and methods with its own special characteristics through constantly summing up experience, exploitation and innovation, effectively assured the production progress and controlled the quality of products. Meanwhile, it’s highly evaluated as the model of supervision & technical service work by the client after submission of relative supervision documents; it also accumulated the experience of developing and contracting new supervision service projects, and enhanced the overall image of our company in this industry.


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