1. Manufacturing Technology of Steam Turbine Generating Set of 300 MW & 600 MW Project and the Manufacturing Technology of the Boiler, U.S.A.
        2. ABB Float Glass Cold-end Production Line (500t/d), Germany
        3. Complete Plant for Machining Center & Small Cylinder Diesel Engines, Taiwan, China
        4. Color Roofing Title Equipment with Annual Capacity of 6 Million Pieces, Italy
        5. Oxygen-free Copper Rods Production Line with Annual Capacity 12 tons, Germany
        6. Manufacturing Equipment of Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced & Steel Wire with Annual Capacity of 2.5 Million Tons, Germany
        7. Aluminum Strip Production Line with Annual Capacity of 6,000 Tons, Italy
        8. IBM Computer Software for Upgrading of Bank's Computer System, U.S.A.
        9. GEF Efficient Industrial Boiler Technology Transfer Project, U.S.A., Germany, Denmark, Republic of South Africa
        10. Color Brick Making Machine and Paving Stone Machine with Annual Capacity of 600,000m2, Germany
        11. Manufacturing Technology of High-Altitude Material for Aviation Brush, Russia
        12. Production Line of Steel Cord with Annual Capacity of 5000 Tons, Italy
        13. Modernization Technology of the 1700 mm Hot Strip Mill, Germany and U.S.A.
        14. Manufacturing Technology of Tio2 Pigment by Chloride Process Using Titanium Slag, U.S.A.
        15. Technology Transfer of 200-350 MW Class Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB) Boiler from ALSTOM Power Boilers S.A., Velizy France
        16. 2050mm Continuous Hot Strip Rolling Mill of Production Line and Complete

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