Sudan Urban and Rural Water Supply Project
        7000 tons of ion-exchange membrane caustic soda project in Vietnam Baipeng Paper Mill
        Tangshan Water Supply Project
        Inner Mongolia Haiji Chlor-Alkali Chemical Project
        Changsha Water Supply Project
        Harbin Power Plant"s environmental protection renovation project
        Hunchun Power Plant"s Environmental Protection Transformation Project
        Tianjin Soda Plant Reconstruction Project
        Luzhai Fertilizer Plant 400,000 tons/year sulfuric acid plant complete equipment
        Baotou third gas plant coke oven gas complete equipment (gas 52 million cubic meters/year, coke 120,000 tons/year
        Shiheng Power Plant (2x300MV) chemical wastewater treatment plant engineering design and complete equipment
        Complete equipment of Yunnan Qujing Sewage Treatment Plant (80,000 tons/day)
        Complete equipment for wastewater treatment plant of Hefei Iron and Steel Company (30,000 tons/day)
        Complete equipment of Jilin Shuangyang Sewage Treatment Plant (30,000 tons/day)
        Complete equipment of Hubei Dayukou Fertilizer Plant (280,000 tons/year of DAP)
        Harbin pressurized gas project complete equipment (500,000 tons/day)
        Complete set of equipment for dust removal system at Shijiusuo Port Coal Terminal
        Complete equipment of Beijing Gaobeidian Sewage Treatment Plant (500,000 tons/day)
        Jilin Da"an Grain Transfer Depot
        Complete set of equipment for 8000 tons sugar cane mill in Thailand
        135,700 cubic meters cold storage in Shatin, Hong Kong
        Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Station of Thailand Taimeilun Textile Factory