Pakistan's Gudu Power Plant No. 4 210,000-kilowatt thermal power unit


Two sets of 900-kilowatt hydroelectric generating units provided to the Bailong Hydropower Station in the Philippines


Exterior view of Pakistan's Kabiwala combined cycle power station jointly constructed by CMIC and NEPCO of the United States


Substation of Thailand Taimeilun Spinning Plant with a capacity of 64,000KVA and a voltage of 69/10KV

Pakistan's Jamshoro Power Station No. 2 210,000 kW oil-fired gas unit
Pakistan's Jamshoro Power Station No. 3 210,000 kW fuel gas generator
Pakistan's Jamshoro Power Station No. 4 210,000 kW oil-fired gas unit
2x2.25MV&2x2.46MV hydro-turbine generator set of Satpano Hydropower Station in Pakistan
Pakse-Kong Paping 115 KV Transmission Line Project in Laos
MT/BT power grid repair and transformation project in Luanda, Angola
MT/BT power grid restoration and transformation project in Luanda, Angola (Phase II)
Angola's Chivangondo-Mabubas transmission and transformation project
230KV Transmission Line Project in Chittagong, Bangladesh
China Shentou Second Power Plant Unit 3 and Unit 4 (2x500MV) Equipment Subcontracting Supply Project
China Wangqu 2x600MV Thermal Power Plant
China Yulian 2x135MW thermal power unit
China Yulian 2x300MW thermal power unit
2x6MW thermal power unit at the self-provided power station of Wangqiao Sugar Factory in Thailand
Indonesia Batang Hydropower Station 2x450 kW hydroelectric generating unit
66 sets of 5-6000 kW hydroelectric generator sets in the Philippines
Sri Lanka 8x100kw hydroelectric generating set
Turkey's Adiguze Hydropower Station 2x32000 kW hydroelectric generating unit
Turkey's Aksu Hydropower Station 2x8000 kilowatts hydroelectric generating unit
US Virginia Hydropower Station 1x3000kw, 1x750kw turbine generator set
Rio Brava Hydropower Station in the United States 2x6000 kilowatts, 1x750 kilowatts water turbine generator set
1x5600kw hydro-turbine generator set of Dallas Dam Hydropower Station, USA
Mongolia 2x3000KW cogeneration boiler island
Kajakai Hydropower Project in Afghanistan