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From Nov 29 to Dec 1, CMIC conducted external audits of the QMS, EMS and OHSMS (ISO certification). Zhang Qingdong, the Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager of CMIC, attended the first meeting and the last review meeting, and delivered speeches. The company’s deputy general manager and heads of each department attended the meetings as well. Huaxin Technology Inspection CO., LTD was responsible for this audit.

At the first meeting, Zhang welcomed the arrival of the audit team and requested that all departments should fully cooperate with the team.

During the audit process, the team strictly followed the documentation requirements and conducted a comprehensive inspection of the operation of ISO Management System in CMIC. Methods such as interviews, on-site inspection, file retrieval and online meetings were taken throughout the process. It was found that the ISO Management System in CMIC was effective and all personnel had a strong awareness of quality, environment and occupational health and safety. The implementation of the system complied with national standards, company policies, regulation requirements, management documents and applicable laws.

At the final meeting, Zhang expressed gratitude to the audit team for their efficient and professional work, and asked the relevant departments to attach great attention to the suggestions put forward by the audit team. These opinions from the audit team should be implemented carefully and the rectification work from the company should be completed in time, laying a solid foundation for the high-quality development of CMIC.